Text…..Bring back verbal conversation….Maybe.!

At the office and my phone started vibrating, at a glance I noticed it was a message from my daughter. This is an example of the text conversation we had.

My Daughter: What do I eat

Me: Make something or check the leftovers

My Daughter: No Food

Me: Do you know where I am

My Daughter: Yogurt

My Daughter: K bye

I still don’t understand what happened and what type of conversation took place, and why is it that the food in the house is seldom the food they want. Thank you for sharing this with me and allowing me to vent.!

Toast…Like Life the everything Food of Emotions.!

      Morning or late at night, some or more money, anyone can and do enjoy toast.!

One simple slice of almost burnt bread, like life allows you to dress it with toppings or have it plain. Either way it satisfies and can bring out a smile. By using toast as an example we can better understand how we complicate life, we can have life enjoyable and simple or add desired extras.

Do we gain with extras or fool our self into believing we made things better, maybe sometimes we do. We seem happy. But are we happy because of extras or because we had something to start with and believed we made it better…..Well either way we are happy and that’s the important thing.!

Tomorrow….With Coffee.!

Yep we are on to another great day of today continued, or will it be very different. The name of the day will be, the weather might be, but will this new day be very different ?.Yes it will. You are better for making it pass today. Your coffee will be rich and bold with the taste of success, any question you have the answer, every step is one of up, and your future is of your belief. You are that great because you made it pass today.!